Part number FTGKIT, Fuel Tank Gasket kit

This Kit provides the items necessary for removing and reinstalling the fuel tanks (less the tank part numbers)

Part NoDescriptionQtyChapterFigItemLocation where used
AN3-4ABolt24028-10-001160These hold the 8 sump plates in place
AN960D10LWasher30028-10-001170used on the sump plate bolts & other spots
TBC6PF1062-29Gasket228-10-001610used on the float level switch
TBC6PF1062-29Gasket128-10-001250transfer tube to sump plate, interior
TBC6PF1086-27Gasket228-10-001470filler neck to bladder
TBC6PF1087-27Gasket228-10-001420filler neck to fuselage
TBC6PF1098-27Gasket128-10-001210transfer tube to sump plate, interior
TBC6PF1125-29Gasket128-10-001515big sump plate gasket
TBC6PF1131-27Gasket128-10-001300tee fitting to sump plate fuel bay 6
MS29513-333O-Ring228-10-001480filler neck to bladder
NAS1598-3YSealing Washer2028-10-001450filler neck to bladder
DSC70S48Clamp1028-10-001600used on the tank interconnect pipes
AN3-6ABolt1228-10-001450filler neck to bladder
TB398602Gasket828-10-0046tank unit (fuel level sensor) gasket
TBC6PF1057-29Gasket228-20-002510triangle shape gasket used on the P/N 996C1 drain valve
TBC6PF1103-27Gasket428-20-002360boost pump to sump plate
TBC6PF1110-27Gasket228-20-002610tee fitting to sump plate next to boost pump
TBC6PF1113-27Gasket228-20-002560P/N F8300-105 float switch adapter to sump plate
C6PF1157-33Flapper pad128-20-002320Anot mandatory but prudent to change while in the area!
TBC6PF1020-27Gasket828-20-00413tank to tank interconnect gallery fitting to sump plate
C6PF1054-27Dust Cover1228-20-0049tank to tank interconnect gallery
MS29513-220O-Ring1228-20-0048tank to tank interconnect gallery
MS25083-2BB4Jumper828-20-00423bonding cable
MS25083-2BB6Jumper628-20-00425bonding cable
TBC6PF1062-27Gasket128-20-005280elbow to sump plate
TBC6PF1098-29Gasket128-20-005470shut off elbow to sump plate
TBC6PF1062-27Gasket228-20-00633check valve elbow to sump plate
TBC6PF1093-27Gasket228-20-0067ejector pump to sump plate
4116-1Tape 1" foam36 ydtape that is used to chafe guard in the fuel bay


Part NoDescriptionQtyChapterFigItemLocation where used
TBC6PF1158-27Gasket228-25-00430used if pressure refueling installed
TBC6PF1062-27Gasket228-25-00417used if pressure refueling installed

This kit is listed as a guide only, should you see any discrepancies please let us know.  Please refer to the appropriate manuals to verify what may be needed for your aircraft.