We have the capabilities to custom make tools, fixtures and other ground equipment. We currently manufacture a wide variety of tools capable to be used on multiple airframes.

Tow Bar


  • Used with a standard nose wheel
  • Use to tow aircraft equipped with a long nose or short nose.
  • For other options for two bars please contact us.

Jury Strut


  • Sometimes known as a “Pogo Stick”
  • Made of 4130 steel to stop the aircraft tail from hitting the ground
  • Baked on powder coat finish for durability and the red colour provides high visibility.

Nose Jack Pad


  • One Required to jack the aircraft
  • Made of steel
  • Finished in black

Covers, Plugs & Ties

  • Engine Inlet Plug & Exhaust Cover
  • Stop sand and dirt from being blown into the engine while parked.

Pitot Head Cover

  • Stop the moisture, bugs or insects from getting in the pitot tube.

Propeller Tie

  • Saves the engine reduction gearbox bearings by stopping the propeller from rotating in the wind

Elevator & Aileron Gust Lock

  • Large and well marked so it can’t be missed.
  • Used at the control column to lock the ailerons, elevators and rudder when the aircraft is parked
  • Made of stainless steel material to last and not corrode

Wing Tie Down Ring

  • Installed in the lower wing surface as a tie down point when parked on a windy day.

Fuel Dipstick

  • Check your fuel quantity manually
  • Robust stainless steel with clear markings

Rigging Pin Kit

  • Used to assist in rigging the flight controls.
  • SD12567-1-TBAL kit contents:
  • 3 of SD 10542-1-TBAL
  • 1 of SD 10543-1-TBAL
  • 1 of SD 10544-1-TBAL

Nose Wheel Wrenches

  • Used to tension the bearing preload on the nose wheel
  • Made from 4130 steel
  • Grey finish

Main Wheel Socket

  • Is used to remove and reinstall the main wheel nut.

Over Wing Engine Hoist

  • Makes engine removal easy
  • Use for propeller removal
  • Use for hot section inspections

Hot Section Sling

  • Sliding lift ring allows use with or without propeller being installed

Engine Sling

  • Compatible with most PT6A turbine engines
  • Sliding lug adapts for engine removal with or without the propeller

Wing Sling

  • Wing removal is easy & safer with the wing sling
  • Yellow powder coat finish to last a long time

Beta Ring Puller

  • Essential to removing the propeller
  • Built to be used with 3, 4 and 5 blade propellers

Propeller Sling

  • Made of heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Can be used with any light aircraft propeller

Fuel Control Unit Rigging Tool

  • Sets the arm on the FCU so both engines are the same
  • Assists greatly in synchronizing the power levers
  • Made using a precise jig for accuracy

Borescope Tube

  • Used for PT6A small turbine engines (ie PT6A-27, -28, -34, etc.)

SRES18 Wrench

  • Torque adapter Wrench
  • Used to Torque propeller bolts
  • Used as a substitute for SD12450-1 and SD 12513-3

SD12549-1 Wrench

  • Used on the flexlock nut ahead of the propeller hub during removal and installation of the propeller